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Easkting Act Succusfully On Behalf of Five Trademarks Including”GU CHUAN” Identified as A Well-known Trademark

Author:eastking     Source:eastking     Hits:2337     Time:2011/12/1

The trademark net of China's state administration for industry and commerce published the” Announcement of Well-Known Trademarks” of the second half of 2011,on which there are five trademarks with us as their agency in total, including trademark “GU CHUAN and device” in the name of Beijing Jingliang Co., Ltd., trademark ”Tian Long” in the name of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., trademark “Jin Sha He” in the name of Hebei Jinshahe Flour Industry LLC., trademark ”Sai Ke” in the name of Beijing Second Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., trademark “Dong Xu and device” in the name of NingGuo DongFang War-resistant Materials Co., Ltd..


Beijing Jingliang Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise funded by Beijing Municipal People's Government, which has 20 sub-companies, and is controller and shareholder of 8 companies, and achieved sales of 11 billion RMB in 2010. Beijing Grain Group (in short “BGG”)is built in 1999,since then BGG implements the development strategy of “focus on market, brand and capital”, anticipates in the market competition actively, adheres to the concept of “excellence builds the BGG” ,and finally finds a healthy road of innovation and development, and its main brand “GU CHUAN and device” is named as “The famous trademark of Beijing City” and “The famous brand of Beijing City”, which has a high popularity and reputation in flour, cereal product industry and related public.

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.(in short Dongfeng)is China's largest auto joint venture so far, which i s established by Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company in their strategic partnership, who has a registered capital of RMB 16.7 billion and employs 70,000 workers. Dongfeng is the first car joint venture of China with a full range of commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars products, whose commercial vehicles is named as “the famous trademark of Hubei Province”, and who has a high popularity and reputation in the truck industry and related public.

Hebei Jinshahe Flour Industry LLC is a large-scale agricultural products processing enterprise producing flour and fine dried noodles, who has 5 flour production lines processing 3000 tons of wheat per day, and 30 fine dried noodles production lines producing 800 tons of fine dried noodles per day, and 2 transformer substations of 35KV as well as more than 3000 employees, who also have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system and HACCP food safety management system certification, and has won the honor of “the famous brand of China” and “Green food” and been named as “State-level key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization”, whose main brand “Jinshehe” is named as the “the famous trademark of Hebei Province” and has a high popularity and reputation in noodles and edible bread flour industry and related public.

Beijing Second Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (in short BSPC) is built in 1958, used to be the first branch of Beijing Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory, and changed its name to Beijing Second Pharmaceutical Factory in 1973, then transformed itself into Beijing Second Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 168.55 million RMB, and belongs to Beijing Pharmaceutical Group, who has become a high-tech enterprise of production, research and development, marketing. BSPC focuses on the production and research of drugs in fields of cardiovascular, urinary system and antibiotics, and has New Second,a raw medicine production base in Zhejiang Province, sub- drainage branches of preparation production base, a professional brand marketing company –Beijing Saikechangsheng Pharma Co., and a new product research and development center, whose main brand is named as “the famous trademark of Beijing City” and has a high popularity and reputation in human medicine , bulk drugs , chemical pharmaceutical industry and related public.


NingGuo DongFang wear-resistant Materials Co., Ltd. is a wear-resistant material high-tech enterprises of research and development, production, sales and service, with total assets of 100 million RMB, an area of more than 50000 square meters, a staff of more than 500 people, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel of nearly 70 people, and has the domestic advanced grinding ball, grinding section automatic production line, automatic oil quenching heat treatment production line and provincial enterprise technology center, formed the production wear-resisting casting products 50000 tons of ability, whose products have 10 series one hundred DuoGe varieties, in which the main brand “Dong Xu and device” is named as the “the famous trademark of Anhui Province”, and has a high popularity and reputation in low- chromium alloy casting , high-chromium alloy cast iron , wear-resistant metal industry and related public.


In 2010,after it cost our team of professional agents more than 3 months to collect and collate evidence, and our follow-up monitoring and tracking of application for identification, during which we carry forward the spirit of Well-known trademark recognition, which is“ confidence, not afraid of difficulties, find ways, communication and coordination , active efforts , teamwork”, we finally successfully completed the agency work in two years, and make those 5 above-mentioned trademarks recognized successfully as “China well-known trademark”.

For enterprises, "China Well-known trademark" is not just an honor but also an important competitive weapon, and  more importantly, it may be subject to special legal protection of well-known trademarks . Governments all give special protection to "well-known trademark", China formulates special legislation to enhance the protection of “well-known trademark”, some local governments even give a huge reward to "well-known trademark". China's protection of "Well-known Trademark" is far wider than the ordinary registered trademarks, who extends protection to other categories of goods. Besides it is widely recognized by consumers, “Well-known trademark” has become one of indicators for consumers to valuate the comprehensive strength, product quality and reputation of an enterprise.

 With the development of economic construction and the continued in-depth publicity of trademarks, enterprises’ logo ( brand ) awareness is growing , more and more enterprises realize that the significance of trademark ( brand ) in promoting the sustainable development of enterprises . Since the National Intellectual Property Strategy implementation, government at all levels and departments pay more attention to independent innovation and brand building, which creates a good environment of cultivation of well-known trademark.


1.SAIC -known trademark recognition Notice

2. Introduction of East as well-known trademark recognition for outstanding enterprise

3. Introduction of China Well-known trademark.

China well-known trademark is trademark which is widely known within the scope of the relevant public and enjoys a high reputation, it shall be subject to due process of law and be recognized by the Trademarks Office under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce or Trademark Review and Adjudication Board under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce or intermediate people's courts and above. In other words, Chinese well-known trademarks have two recognition ways of administrative recognition and judicial recognition, generally believed that the administration recognition more authoritative.

the Trademark Law of P.R.China” gives  China's well-known trademark the protection extended to other categories of trademark rights. Specifically, it is : China well-known trademark is entitled to have the power to request revocation of others’ copy, imitation , translation of the well-known trademarks registered in other categories and the power to request revocation of others’ company name identical with the well-known trademarks and so on which don’t belong to ordinary trademarks, as well as the protection of international law, including “Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property” and “Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights”(TRIPS).