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Profile Overview

Approved by Administration of Industry and Commerce of Beijing Municipality and registered at the State Trademark Bureau and the State Patent Bureau, Beijing Eastking Intellectual Property Right Agent Co. Ltd. and Beijing Eastking Patent Agent Firm (Herein after referred to as “Eastking”) are professional institutions manned with an elite team of lawyers specialized in laws for trademarks, patents and copyrights that provide professional agent service in the field of intellectual property rights, service that is natural fruits of team work and in line with international standards.  


Eastking comes from the motto: “Believing in the Company, guiding itself with credit”. Ever since their establishment the guiding principles for operation have always been “professionalism, honesty, efficiency, scrupulousness and quality” while our work ethics of “since we are entrusted by our clients, our efforts must be devoted to what we are doing for them” has been strictly followed; we persist in the policy of “serving our clients whole-heartedly and jointly creating wealth” and the development strategy of “developing together with our clients” and displaying in our work a style of “honesty, conscientiousness, realism, passion, daring to think and hard work”. There are six functional departments in the Company and the Firm ─ Trademark Department, Patent Department, Copyright Department, Law Department, Agent Department and Right Defending Department. Depending on the nature and scope of cases project groups may be set up to deal with world-famous trademarks, famous trademarks, patent monitoring and foreign-related services.


Eastking is well versed in Chinese laws and statutes for protection of intellectual property rights and has a good command of administrative and judicial procedures of addressing various kinds of controversies over intellectual property rights and cases of infringement litigation; it has long kept a good and close relationship with the administration of intellectual property rights of the State; it is in possession of good human and social resources; its range of service covers trademarks, patents, copyrights, laws, legal actions against unfair competition, brand planning, consultation on intellectual property rights, etc.


Eastking has accumulated rich experience in handling various kinds of complicated and difficult cases in its practice for many years as an agent for intellectual property rights; it has provided its consignors home and abroad with considerable service related to trademark registration, disagreements, defense, judicial reviews, prolonged exhibition, patent application, nullification and judicial review, copyright registration and protection, legal actions against unfair competition, legal litigation, confirmation of world-famous trademarks, high-tech confirmation both by software industry and management authorities of software products, registration of code bars, infringement investigation, right defense by cracking down on counterfeit goods and translation of relevant legal documents, etc. Eastking has won trust and support from its consignors in a large number.


Eastking has its headquarters in Beijing and has its sub-companies and offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shandong Province, the United States and Canada. It has become a cooperative partner and has established long-term and stable business relationship with quite a number of internationally renowned law firms dealing with trademarks and patents; it is able to provide a global and package network for protecting intellectual property rights.


Eastking is now a member of China Trade Association, China Intellectual Property Society, Branch-Association of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), International Trade Association (INTA) and Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MRQUES).


The intellectual property right is invisible assets and is the substantial competitive strength in an integrated global economy. We would like to march forward hand in hand together with friends from all walks of life and entrepreneurs to strive for acquisition, protection, value-adding and enhancement of management level of intellectual property rights.