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Eastking hold the third anniversary celebration meeting and gala

Author:eastking     Source:eastking     Hits:2162     Time:2011/11/22

At three o'clock PM of November 18,2011, The third anniversary celebration meeting was held in the company lobby, with all staff present, and hosted by the vice general manager-Huai Liming, when the general manager-Xi Weiwei delivered an important speech.

Firstly, the meeting listened to the report "the development of Eastking needs all the staff of Eastking work together" of the general manager-Xi Weiwei on behalf of manager administrative council, which was divided into five parts, including glancing at the performance during the past three years, the building of company department team, new development of Eastking culture, establishment of salary welfare system, which summarized the strenuous efforts of the three years as of the company's establishment, achievements, insufficiency, company culture, advantages in opportunity, perspective and so on, gave affirmation in business and administrative aspects, and pointed out that It was all staff that made Eastking grow out of nothing, from infancy to maturity, the foundation business of the company get stability, the advantage business get development, a group of system were issued and implemented, including "manager administrative council meeting system ""middle management meeting system", "description of department functions and job", "salary welfare management system", and they perfected the corporate governance structure, strengthened the team construction, established the competitive salary welfare system, and realized the procedure and standard of Eastking, made base of long-term stable development for Eastking.

The general manager Xi pointed out that when we celebrated, there should be more peaceful , more thinking, more goals and aspirations. In summing up the experience of Eastking, manager administrative council thought the building of enterprise culture was critical to the development of Eastking. Corporate culture was the sum of the behavior of all employees, would be shaped through the joint efforts of all staff. Eastking came from the motto: “Believing in the Company, guiding itself with credit”. Ever since its establishment the guiding principles for operation had always been “professionalism, honesty, efficiency, scrupulousness and quality” while our work ethics  “since we are entrusted by our clients, our efforts must be devoted to what we are doing for them” had been strictly followed; we persisted in the policy of “serving our clients whole-heartedly and jointly creating wealth” and the development strategy of “developing together with our clients” and displayed in our work a style of “honesty, conscientiousness, realism, passion, daring to think and hard work”..

Since May, 2011, Eastking began sector construction, proposed internal development strategy of “Companies have goals, employees have a consensus, individuals have hope” and department-building goal of “Straight attitude, suitable atmosphere, of one heart, sufficient effort, excellent performance”, and planed to use the third anniversary opportunity to bring Eastking to a high level and a new stage, strode forward from specialization to team, integration, internationalization, which was another round of development and upgrading faced by Easking, and reflected that the culture of the Eastking was an evolving and developing process.

The general manager Xi pointed out that corporate growth must have the explicit goal, or otherwise would lose the direction and bog down. The developing goal of Eastking was: Says from the direction, “the Four Modernizations” goal of the specialization, the team, the integration, the internationalization; Economically says, the company must guarantee that every month there are 200,000 RMB revolution funds, assigned to various departments would be the trademark department, the patent department each 60,000RMB, the agent department, the customer service department each 30,000RMB, international department 20,000RMB. The staff had the mutual recognition was the corporate growth consciousness safeguard, otherwise staff would fights alone, the discipline would be lax. All staffs of Eastking should reach a mutual recognition in three aspects of the culture, the development summary, the basic system, must have overall awareness, team spirit, the coordinated communication ability, and should profoundly understand it, personally practice it, work together to develop Eastking, and to construct the department, to get good income. People had hopes is the unremitting power of Eastking development, was the combination of personal self-worth and social value. The company had established a whole set of "Department Function And Position description", which made all staff post responsibility and the career development direction clear, Eastking had established the high competitive "Salary Welfare system", made drive principle of “to each according to his achievement” clear, so long as everybody work hard with appropriate method and outstanding achievement, the monthly salary of ten thousand RMB is not only the dreams.

GM Xi pointed out that these five aspect of “Straight attitude, suitable atmosphere, of one heart, sufficient effort, excellent performance” comprehensively and systematically summarized each aspect of working standard from realize to material, from macroscopic to microscopic, from interior  construction to exterior image for each department. Five aspects were interrelated, mutually reinforcing and mutual restraint , all of them were indispensable. If this goal was compared to an towering trees rooted in fertile soil of industry, benefiting employees of Eastking , serving our customers , then straight attitude was the root, suitable atmosphere was leaf, of one heart was trunk, sufficient effort was branch, excellent performance was fruit. If attitude is straight, the root is deep, if atmosphere is suitable, the leaf would be numerous, if staff is of one heart, the trunk is straight, if effort is sufficient, the branch would be luxuriate, and if there are deep root, numerous leaves, straight trunk and luxuriate branches, it would be heavy with fruit.

GM Xi pointed out that From November 1, 2011, the company introduced a new remuneration system, this system was suitable for Eastking people, who was confident, dared to challenge, had the ability, the level and achievements. If one lack courage and confidence, he would face a retirement, I hoped everyone present would be confident, full of vitality and vigor at first, secondly should be brave and strong, dare to face the difficulty you meet, dare to take the responsibility, and no escape, but do everything possible to strengthen cooperation and solidarity to solves the problem and the difficulties.   When we completed this process, we certainly would be incomparably arrogant and proud for we were an Eastking person. Simultaneously this process enabled us to become a united, friendly, the cooperated, aggressive team, by that time, we would receive unprecedented envy and respect, simultaneously would attract more talented people to join our team, this would bring the giant material and the spiritual wealth to us.  We believed that our hard and happy efforts in the Eastking were not only to the East but also more to our own. Eastking was working with our own hand in hand.

GM Xi pointed out that ideas decided outlet, we would walk into the blind alley without ideas. To make Eastking bigger depends on market, stronger depend on specialization and management. Manager administrative council decided total development mentality of three years from now on: to continues the stable foundation service, to guarantee that every month 200,000 income, and department managers took the responsibility earnestly to guarantee company normal work, to develop superiority service, to makes 10-15 project consultants every year, to implements general manager responsibility system, realized the company’s earnings and income.

At last GM Xi said so long as we all staff work of one heart, keep pace with the times, develop and innovate, the united knowledge and action, our goal certainly would realize successfully, Eastking would become a flag in the profession, a health upward vital Eastking would be unfolding in everybody's front. All staff, let us try hard to struggle together to make Eastking achieve the goal, and to realize each Eastking person's self-value!

Afterward, the staff published their feelings to the Eastking third anniversary. Agent department Chang Na said: One year ago I entered this big family of Eastking with a sense of gratitude, after then I worked in a relaxed and happy atmosphere every day, my mood and spirit became full of the fervor, compared with before bothersome heavy mood, I felt every day substantial, filled with the hope of future profession. I did my duty of own post earnestly and study professional knowledge steadfastly, do a job, to love a job, be an expert in a job, and pay special attention to a job.

Agent department Hu Yameng said: From 2009 until now, I have already been in Eastking for three years. In these three years, I profoundly realized that we staff and Eastking precisely depended on each other mutually, our staff'’ development was Eastking’s foundation of development, Eastking’s development was the safeguard of our development. Eastking’s existence and development, cannot lacked our hard work; Correspondingly, our each person's development, also east could not lack the existence of Eastking. “The higher authority and subordinate works with concerted efforts, the talented people may die for it, also live for it”. The company had the goal, the staff had the mutual recognition, the individual had hope, and this would condense one morale to soar to the heavens which support enterprise’s permanent development path.

Agent department Guo Fangxiu said: In our service industry, each manner, each smile, each hope, each plan should fully promote a similar goal. Yes, “the water looks like glances horizontally, the mountain looks like the eyebrow gathers, may I ask pedestrian where to go? The place of graceful glances and eyebrows” Eastking’s plan was grand, Easkting’s prospect was radiant. The path of victory was difficult, we must start from the beginning step by step. Today was the third anniversary grand celebration when the enterprise drove into the fourth year, let us once more congratulate together: Eastking, happy birthday!

Agent department Wang Zhenhua said: Several days ago, I had become a staff of Eastking fortunately. As a new staff, I had not felt cautious at heart, also had not felt excluded, on the contrary this team had admitted me very quickly, we studied specialized knowledge, discussed question, as we were old beans. I thought it may be related to the enterprise’s ideas of a long time with it, harmonious friendly affection atmosphere, was also precisely built under this idea, these were also realizations of goals, namely: “Straight attitude, suitable atmosphere, of one heart, sufficient effort, excellent performance”. This was what I became aware of in personal emotion.

Agent department Li Dan said: I was a new trademark agent of Eastking. In around ten days, I saw Eastking’s unity, cooperation, Eastking’s understanding, forgiving, Eastking’s steadfastness, practice, Eastking’s true feelings, true work. To join such a team, my vocational choice was lucky. In Eastking each day, I’d like to be an industrious honeybee of this giant honey-comb, picked the honey to let our team be more formidable and more concentrated, make individual life valueful.

Trademark department Zheng Xin said: Eastking was established for three years, when I came to Eastking for already a half year. In my reviews of work of half a year in Eastking, I clearly felt   work's pleasure, namely busyness and tension, joy and satisfaction. Once some philosopher had said: The life’s greatest value was nothing better than fullness, and the best method to remove the bored was to treat your existing mission earnestly, to complete it diligently with your hard work. I continuously bore these words in my mind firmly. I also used this saying to drive myself at times, and what I pursued is joy of substantial and satisfaction of success.

Trademark department Yao Xian said: I started my work already two months. Because of my deep love of legal science, therefore was partial with the legal related profession. I marched into Eastking with glorious expectation of future and infinite yearning of the enterprise. As a new staff, Eastking bought freshness, fervor, more thanks to I, I thanked the company to create this environment of growth for me, this opportunity of exercise for my own, provided this platform for me to show myself. Although I had been in the company in a short time, but I felt the company’s good enterprise culture and relaxed lively work atmosphere; I saw solid work style, vibrant spirit of the colleagues, that made me feel very fortunate in heart, also has strengthened my optimistic attitude and the loyal determination of the company magnificent prospect.

Patent department Zhang Guanghui said: Eastking was three years old, I was very happy and honored to spend a day with everybody on this commemoration significance day together. Although I was not the initial member of Eastking, but It had been already one year since I joined in Eastking team, during this period, I fully realized the outstanding enterprise culture atmosphere of Eastking and studied the new things, I also received help from everyone not only in the work but also in the study, thanked everybody. I was very happy to establish this deep friendship with everybody during work, thanked Eastking to let us meet and know each other in this little world, also thanked Eastking to provide the good work, the learning environment as well as opportunity of improvement for our each staff. In the coming days, we would use company precious resources more reasonably, would work diligently, would study diligently, related individual goal with company's development direction together, would grow healthy and strong together with the company, and would manifest my own value while creating more values for the company.

Patent department Qin Yan said: It was already near a half year since I arrived in Eastking, during this period, I realized the outstanding enterprise culture atmosphere fully of Eastking, under the leader’s instruction and colleague's help, I studied the new thing, made the progress, benefited greatly, also saw own insufficiency, had known myself more clearly, simultaneously established the deep friendship with the colleagues, thanked Eastking for providing the good working conditions and the learning growth opportunity for our each staff, in coming days, we would use company precious resources well, would work diligently, overcome difficultly, related individual’s goal and company's development direction closely together, grew healthy and strong together with the company, realized double wins of individual and company..

Patent department Chen Zhen said: I liked my job in the Eastking. It was joyful, let me enjoy very much, I felt that every day was new, the matter and the work I met every day felt new and I needed to study everyday, perhaps this was the enrichment. I admired Mr. Liu very much. He was my direct superior. He worked carefully and earnestly, who was really the very responsible, because our seats were very near, I felt it his professional accomplishment, “since we are entrusted by our clients, our efforts must be devoted to what we are doing for them”, “serving our clients whole-heartedly and jointly creating wealth”, “developing together with our clients”, “honesty, conscientiousness, realism, passion, daring to think and hard work” which had been vividly reflected in his possession. There was an old saying, learned to be a human being before learned to work, I had learned it from him, really thanked him very much. Company staff had organized an outdoor activity spontaneously (Hongluo temple) the previous month, after management knew this matter; they gave the financial and the spiritual support, let company's staff' deeply feel leader’s care. Although I had not been able to participate in this activity for my own time reason, but it really moved me deeply for company leader’s support. Eastking was an association, we must work diligently together to make the company bigger and better, I would try my best to serve for company and clients continuously.

Patent department Tang Zhongxian said: I didn’t know whether everybody had thought about why did innumerable people had the remarkable wisdom, actually only a small number of people obtained success? Why did innumerable companies have great conception, actually only then a minority of companies obtained standing? Why did the world-class manufacture, mostly were in Japan and Germany who seemed “first earnest, second intelligent” country? The higher authority assign duty, the staff complete earnestly without any error was universal phenomenon and state of mind in major companies and even staff, actually to make an enterprise big and strong was a result the company wanted, but the result which the enterprise wanted depended on result of each duty of each staff, so if you want to make a formidable enterprise, must firstly make a formidable staff team. We should establish one kind of thought as the staff “to complete the task is not equal to the result”, each duty assigned by higher authority was completed was for a result, but not duty itself, if the staff realize to aims at some result when completing the task compared with completing the task with the point of view to complete the task, I believed that should be able to be two effects, if our all staff have this kind “the result point of view” our daily work significance would have the subtle change

International department Li Jing said: I joined this big family of Eastking already one month, my point of view changed from uneasiness when I just came in to present calmness and steadiness, my condition changed from curiousness when I just came in to present steadfastness, had a very big change. All transformations were originated from the leader’s trust, the colleague’s concern and my endeavor. Here, there were not division of the leader and subordinate, only intimate cooperation as colleague. Between the colleagues, there were frequently mutually helps in the life except for the work, which formed a good functional relationship and atmosphere. When my working ability had obtained a comprehensive promotion in the laborious sweat, today I was proud of Eastking and, tomorrow Eastking would be proud of I.

The customer service department Wang Cuicui said: Unconsciously, Eastking welcomed its third birthdays, and I had become “old person” in Eastking, during the two year and 8 month-long period in Eastking I witnessed, and experienced her swift development personally! She grew from a newborn baby into a young but well-known people in his profession! Eastking had sincere and compatible manner; Eastking had the specialized team, the good social relations; Eastking had a fair platform; Eastking had the reasonable achievements system of examining and assessment; Eastking had a good welfare, cares for the staff. I believed so long as we work as one, struggle together, there would be no difficult problems, the gate of success would open wide to us forever. I finally hoped Eastking to be better one year by one year, everybody's belt-bag also more sufficient one year by one year!

The customer service department Kang Junwei said: Before my entry, I had been in the trademark profession for five years, but always could not found own direction and the position. After I came to Eastking, the leader’s patient explanation and colleague's friendly helps caused my knowledge in intellectual property rights rich day by day, I had already learned the flow and the related knowledge of the well-known trademark and the famous trademark cognizance; The thorough understanding of application and cognizance procedure of invention patent and utility model patent. Moreover, my cooperation with team also became more and more tacit. I had already integrated in this team gradually. I believed that the Chinese character of enterprise had the Chinese character of “human” above representing management, the Chinese character of “profession” below representing the technical team. Only when the management lead the staff in consensus, we could create enterprise's future. Only when the staff circled the management and work as one, we could make the enterprise grow strong. Therefore, “the enterprise” was the perfect combination of leader and staff'.

The customer service department Li Sujing said: my arrival at Eastking was my career's turning point, although I was engaged in the intellectual property rights profession for years, but before had emphasized on administration and process, relatively done less business. Now I were engaged in the market development work, from the very beginning, my pressure was really very big, I was also blank about market development's method, more urgent about no business It was our department manager Wang Cuicui who discovered promptly my mood was not right, her talked sense into me with patience: Do not be in a hurry to succeed., so long as we make efforts, slowly we would have business. My point of view was more steady now, and I understood that the customers needed slow accumulation, we should wait for chance of appearance while accumulating, so long as we provided the fine service for the customer continuously, understood the customers’ demand, satisfied the customers’ needs, let the customer feel our specialization, activeness, initiative, enthusiasm, elaboration, the customer certainly would remember us when they had needs.

HR Department Han Hongping said: I was in the company not long, as a new staff, Eastking brought to me not only a work opportunity, but also more thanks, I thanked the company to create this growth environment for me, give me this exercise opportunity, provide to me the self-platform to show myself. Company's development was result of efforts from each staff of each post, therefore no matter when the most important thing was to do one’s own duty diligently. When I just arrived at the company, I held the post of front desk, although this position was very inconspicuous, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do it well, in the routine work, I disciplined myself strictly, repeated examination of important issues to make sure of it. Latter because of the personnel changes, I had the honor to be promoted to be HR department manager, I just took over it, had no clue of work, and became worried about that I cannot be competent at this work, afterward under the help of the leader and  colleague, I established the way of thinking, found the work direction. The coming work would have heavy responsibilities, I would carefully reorganize my own mentality, would strengthen the study, would strengthen the innovation, and would contribute my own strength to Eastking’s tomorrow. Company glory, my glory, company shame, my shame!

HR department Cui Nan said: In a moment, I came to Eastking already nearly two months. Although the time was not long, but to the first work of my life, I appreciated it very much in my heart. Remember that very first day I just came to this company, because it was my first time to be a front desk, I lacked the work experience, I started the work with some kind of ignorance. At first I depended on one kind of intuition to deal with the work, I felt nervous too, feared of messing it up to bring troubles to the company. I just stepped into the society after all, therefore I did each matter very earnestly and discretely, didn’t allow one spot to be wrong. I very quickly entered into a smooth status under Manager Han's leadership, but I was still insufficient in some matters, I also often reconsidered it afterward myself, and warned myself to find the best way to solve it when met the similar question. Although the work was simple, but I was very strict of myself, I told myself to put out complete responsibility to treat my work. Regardless of any difficulty, I kept myself as cool as possible to face it. Coming across the matter which I can’t handle, I often consulted Manager Han and other colleagues, everybody was very patient. Humane atmosphere of the leader and colleague the colleague lead me the way step by step invisibly. Easkting’s work style of “honesty, conscientiousness, realism, passion, daring to think and hard work” also gradually became the invisible faith in my heart, directed me to do own work well.

Finance department Niu Xiaojia said: Although I just entered the company, but I felt it slowly in these two month-long work that Eastking followed the guiding principles for operation of  “professionalism, honesty, efficiency, scrupulousness and quality”, the work ethics of “since we are entrusted by our clients, our efforts must be devoted to what we are doing for them” ,the policy of “serving our clients whole-heartedly and jointly creating wealth” ,the development strategy of “developing together with our clients” and the work style of “honesty, conscientiousness, realism, passion, daring to think and hard work”. I must absorb experience and continue to study the specialized knowledge unceasingly in coming work, sharpen my own working ability, complete the financial work solidly.

Afterward, Deputy general manager Huai Liming read out Jing Eastking [2011]the 33rd article, on behalf of manager administrative council, commended the outstanding contributions of Wang Cuicui of customer service department in the well-known trademark service, GM Xi gave reward of 1000 RMB to her, Wang Cuicui thanked the company for reward, and shared her successful experience with the colleague, which was to pay great attention to serve attentively, diligently and practically, carefully and patiently, to be responsible, to be good at accumulating, and the success would belong to you.

Finally, GM Xi made comments on the speeches of staff, thought that everybody had understood the Eastking culture, turned the Eastking culture to conscious activity of work, so long as we worked as one, Eastking could certainly develop, the staff could certainly earn well. The celebration meeting ended in the warm applause, all staff took a group souvenir photo in company, the bright smiling faces was the happy blessing to three years old Eastking.

At 6:00 pm, evening banquet for the celebration of Eastking third anniversary was held in a wineshop nearby company', the free and delicious supper, the happy laughter of entire family, proposing a toast mutually to express gratitude, and speaking freely about the future. At 7:30 pm, the evening party is hold in KTV nearby company, the joyful melodious singing sound, had demonstrated Eastking person's talent and skill, sang out love for Eastking, the department chorus, the chorus enhanced team cohesive force, and reflected company spiritual outlook. Early winter's chill in the air was driven away probably by the Eastking person, everywhere was brimming with warm, joyful, gentle, mild-mannered, polite and the elegant Eastking person, cheers jumped for joy to reveal in speech and appearance, transmitted in their wonderful melody, surprising that each Eastking person was the singing star! Tonight the star light was bright, tonight nobody went to sleep, each Eastking person would pray for heaven to bless Eastking with a happier tomorrow.