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Eastking Successfully handled Hong Kong Short-term Patent Application

Author:Eastking     Source:Eastking     Hits:1624     Time:2012/7/31

On April 5, 2012, Eastking had received the certificate of grant of short-term patent No.HK1152829 from Hong Kong patents registry intellectual property department.

Eastking do well in domestic patent cases, at the same time trying to develop the overseas cases and had already made progresses. Received this Hong Kong short-term patent case, Eastking’s agent did lots of research, reading and communications with the applicant to modify and complete the application documents. Then the certificate of grant of short-term patent had been received within half of a year.

Hong Kong short-term patent application successfully handled which embody not only the professional ability of Easting’s agent in process time management, but also the professional ability in handling the overseas cases.