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Eastking act successfully in 7 cases of invention Patent approval

Author:Eastking     Source:Eastking     Hits:1679     Time:2011/6/8

 In May, 2011, Eastking received 7 invention patent certificates from SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office), with patent no.: ZL200810141904.0, ZL200810141906.X, ZL200510035744.8, ZL200810207914.X, ZL200810207916.9, ZL200810202821.8 and ZL200910131927.8, these patentees are Shenzhen Hanbao Technology co., Ltd.( ZL200810141904.0, ZL200810141906.X), KONKA Group Co., Ltd.( ZL200510035744.8), Shanghai Propower Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.( ZL200810207914.X, ZL200810207916.9, ZL200810202821.8),  People’s Republic of China Qinhuangdao Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (ZL200910131927.8)

The examination of above 7 patents last from 2 years to 5 years, during examination, the patent attorney  gradually improve scope of protection of the patent rights, and ultimately successful passed the examination and acquired entitlement, through several communications with the designer, and several communications with examiner according to patent law and regulations.     

In patent cases of Eastking in 2008 and 2009, 50% of invention patents are granted, compared with the national average level of 20
%~30, which fully indicates that Eastking patent attorneys has excellent abilities in patent writing, response to official examination opinion, and could do the job required by the applicants.

Attachment: 7 Invention Patent Certificates